Zwick Asia Pte Ltd. Singapore

The Zwick Roell Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of material and component testing systems. We supply tailor-made solutions for the most demanding requirements – in both R&D and quality assurance, and in more than 20 industry sectors.

Zwick Asia in Singapore is the regional headquarters for the Zwick Roell Group in the Asia-Pacific region. We provide a range of products from the Zwick Roell Group, covering almost every test application, from quality control tests to more demanding research applications.

Together with our sales and service partners in South East Asia, Southern China, India, Korea, Taiwan and Australia, we provide strong after sales support to ensure your testing system is maintained and calibrated according to the highest standards. We provide calibration services according to DIN EN ISO 7500 and DIN EN ISO 9513, among others. We are also accredited to provide calibrations according to DKD standards.

With a multi-tier service support from the local to the national and regional level, our team throughout Asia welcomes any application, however challenging it may be. We look forward to serving you.


Zwick Asia Pte Ltd.
Tel.  +65 6 899 5010
E-Mail  info@zwick.com.sg