Zwick Roell is Recognized by Leading Mobile Phone Manufacturer in China

The mobile phone market is currently one of the most competence markets. As one of the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers, who design and develop their own brand mobile phone in South China, the quality of the product is what their R&D engineers concern most.

Today, the screen of mobile phone is the eye of the phone. To make it sensitive, responsive and accurate to human finger touching, there will be a lot high demand of the glass quality used for screen.

To fulfill their strict requirement, the R&D team approached Zwick Roell sales team in South China and requested for a suitable testing solution on their 2.5D glass. After understanding their testing need, we provided a solution including customized four point bending testing kits for the glass on Zwick 10 kN Allroundline testing machine, equipped with four strain measurement channels (connected to four individual strain gages stick to testing glass) to measure the local deformation at different part of glass. Considering the brittle properties of glass and customer request for recording RAW data for their R&D purpose, we realized that a much higher online data transfer rate is required.  To make full use of our advanced test control technology, we included a 5.5 kHz online data transfer rate. The complete solution was presented and was well accepted by the R&D team.

Now the said machine has been fully integrated into customer’s R&D process for new mobile phone production and quality control. To complete their high demand on innovative research work, this lab now has also equipped with Zwick HIT impact testing device and brand new Z020 universal testing machine with most advanced multiXtens extensometer, for testing different material under temperature chamber (-70 °C  to +250 °C).

Zwick Roell is proud to be part of this innovation, to offer premium service and deliver accurate, repeatable, reproducible and traceable testing results to build a better connected world.